The Secret Service

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For the entirety of my adult life I have worked in the service industry.  Bartender, waiter, sous chef, chef’s assistant, travel agent, personal assistant, social services. It seems as natural as breathing.

My first service job was as a bartender in 1977. I then moved to a restaurant service bar and I have always had my abilities leaning in that direction. My 3rd position was waiting tables in 1980 at George Badonsky’s Brewery restaurant in 1980 Chicago. The top image is my crick-ellis of friends from those days.

‘I moved away from full and part time restaurant jobs mostly due to in house politics. I remain somewhat relevant with continued sevic7e jobs in private dining. Small dinner parties-usually less than 40- mostly in private residences. I work about 2 gigs monthly, with exceptions around the holidays. I have repeat clients and work with 5 or 6 private chefs.

It has provided me a lovely contrast to my full time gig. And I enjoy the scenery.


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