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here are just few boggling acceptable ways
1) buying and owning guns is a far less restricted past time than owning a car-
every car owner must have insurance and must pass a test that qualifies them to operate a vehicle and it needs to be renewed with some consistency. deaths by car are less than deaths by guns- i wonder why no one cares that those numbers are connected to licenses, tests, insurance, and liability.
2) medical decisions, treatment decisions,  procedure decisions are based on financial interests of hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and not on the necessity of the afflicted. there are so many instances of these sorts of aberrations, but i will focus on the 30 day in-patient episode. the success rate of this time-restricted treatment prescription is so low that it might just be less than the amount of actual potato in a fast food french fry. it continues because it is a nod to what an insurance company is willing to pay to help someone who is suffering from addiction. it’s just as insulting as if a oncology patient is told they can have 3 of the recommended 12 chemo-therapy treatments. yet this practice does not see change in the future.
3) as our homeless population grows and its ascension is paralleled by the financial worth of the large companies doing business in our country as the mid-range paying jobs move to countries off our shores, we struggle to understand, accept, and care for the weaker ones among us. we even fail to connect that these corporate boondoggles may actually be connected to the disappearance of opportunities.  the tax breaks continue and those dollars get stepped on many times before any homeless housing project or mental health/substance use program get an influx.
these are only a few of the oxymorons we wrap our hearts around in america daily. forgive my rant, but i am trying to remove some cobwebs from my brain.  i have been viewing the world from a tainted lens. this is a prayer for change.
i have been perusing the website for a recovery coach/organizational training group based  named meaningful trainings…
and i came across these professional standards. in a perfect world, i believe these would be the norm:

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